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I see the future

Literally, I see the future everywhere. It’s skipping down the street towards me, it’s riding in the backseat of the car driving next to me, it’s on the train, it’s on TV. Sometimes the future looks like a little boy, sometimes a little girl, and some other times the future is a mom and dad pushing a stroller down the street. Everywhere I look I see it, and there is no escape, and I don’t want to escape it. I fully embrace the idea of my future. Whenever I see kids, babies, or families now I cannot help but picture my life in the future, doing those same exact things. To me all these scenes are the future and my heart is gladdened by it. Sometimes I just want to grab hold of that kid or new dad and ask them: What is the future like?! Is it as awesome as I have imagined? But alas, I know I’d just get punched in the face or kicked in the shins, so I wait until it is time for me to take part in that future.

Becoming a new dad makes me fully appreciate the sentiment that you can prepare all you want for the future, but you will never know what the future holds. I’ve imagined my son a million ways knowing already that he will be none of those things but somehow fulfill everything I ever imagined and more. Just the idea of him makes my future seem brighter and fuller than my present.

I feel ready to be a dad already but know that’s still a few months down the road. So the best I can do now is to keep arming myself with all the knowledge I can gather and prepare future me as much as possible for the enormous task he has at hand. The version of me sitting at the keyboard today is full of bright hope and idle time. If I do my job right the future version of me will be full of even brighter hope and more meaningful time.

I’m off to the future friends, see you there!