About Sigma Dad

July 14th 2014 is the estimated due date of my future son, and I don’t know what to do. I’m ill prepared and I know it. Being a 35 year old man who is trapped in the body of a teenager, behind the face of a 20 year old, it’s hard to look in the mirror and see somebody’s dad. It is unbelievable that I am legally required to carry a license to drive a car, but no one is going to make sure I’m fit to be a dad before I’m put in charge of another human being’s life. I’m still getting asked for ID when I buy beer. Shouldn’t someone ask to see if I’m adequately prepared and able to care for another person? I hope so, but don’t think so.

This being the case, I’m taking my insecurities to the internet and hope that through this site I can gather the important intel on what lies ahead of me and get some advice from you veterans out there. Any help is appreciated, so please take a moment and drop a few lines of advice for a new dad.

Around this point in these ‘about me’ pages is where the author inevitably tells you about themselves and all their great qualifications and past deeds that make them more legitimate. Well, I have none. I’m 35, married, have a job and a house in the burbs around Chicago, and enough brain cells to work a computer. Other than that I’m just another guy that’s having a kid, and hopefully that’s something we can all identify with.


For those of you who have gone before me:

I salute you. Teach me. Share with me your wisdom and lessons learned.

For those of you who will come after me:

Follow me, and learn from my triumphs and mistakes. There will be many of both, but all will be of value to you.

For those of you who are coming with me:

Let’s go.


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